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PayHub+ QB is a payment module used to process credit/debit and ACH transactions through the PayHub Plus Gateway. Offer better rates and mark up extra features like Batch Processing, Transactions Sync, Accounts Payable, and Card Swipe. Or customize it to meet the specific needs of your merchant.


PayHub+ BillPay is a complete online bill presentment and payment system. Fully integrated with PayHub Plus QB to pull in invoices from any source. BillPay allows customers to account management, custom receipts and Email notifications. The front-end is a merchant branded and fully controlled via our BillPay API.

Mobile Apps

PayHub+ Mobile is available for iOS or Android devices. Add on encrypted swipe to reduce PCI Compliance risk. As features are added to the core gateway each component is automatically available through our mobile apps

PayHub Plus QuickBooks

An app for processing transactions directly within Intuit QuickBooks

Remote Deposit Capture and Check Conversion

Merchants can scan their checks, process their RDC transactions, and record the payments in QuickBooks – no duplicate data entry. Simply load your check reader (contact PayHub Plus for more information on which Check Readers are currently supported), click the scan button, and run your transaction. The check is converted to an electronic transaction, money is electronically deposited into your bank account, and the payment is recorded in QuickBooks.

Credit/Debit or ACH

Merchants can process payments using credit and debit cards or using electronic checks. More payment options means more merchants can use it.

Batch Processing

Process multiple payments at once rather than one at a time. Simply select which customers you want to process, click the Run Batch button, and let the system do the rest.

Sync Transactions

PayHub Plus Synx is a feature that will pull in transaction data from other sources, such as a website or mobile devices, to help automate a merchant's accounting reconciliation process.

It's Customizable

We built it, so we can change it. Let us know if your merchant has special needs and we'll try to meet them.

Accounts Payable

Pay any bill via ACH to deposit money directly in a Vendor's checking account. Store the vendor's payment data in the SAFE for reuse on future transactions.

Card Swipe

Our QuickBooks® Payment Module now supports swipe transactions. Swipe cards when present to obtain the lower, qualified discount rates.

Bill Pay Invoice Manager

A complete online bill presentation and payment system

Invoices from Any Source

Invoices from other sources can be uploaded via the gateway portal or via API.

API Controllable

As with many features of PayHub Plus Gateway, tech savvy merchants can maintain their invoicing system via API.

Merchant Branded

Merchants have the ability to upload their own logo to brand the invoices for easy customer recognition.

Account Management for Cardholders

When logged into their online portal, cardholders can pay for invoices, schedule payments for the future, view old invoices and payments, and manage their card on file in the SAFE.

Custom Receipts

PayHub Plushas special receipts just for Invoice Manager. Merchants can create one email receipt for standard transactions and have a completely separate message for transactions processed through Invoice Manager.

Email Notifications

Cardholders automatically receive email notifications if new invoices are uploaded.

PayHub Plus Mobile

The ultimate solution for merchants on the go

iOS and Android

TRANSAX Mobile is available for all devices using iOS or Android mobile operating system. It looks great on all screen sizes!

Multiple Devices Supported

Currently, we support mobile swipe devices from Magtek and ID Tech.

Encrypted Swipe

MagneSafe from Magtek encrypts payment data for Magtek users and reduce PCI Compliance risk exposure for mobile merchants.